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Beaufort, South Carolina

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Pendarvis Law Offices tries cases—primarily claims by individuals and businesses against professionals such as lawyers, accountants, real estate appraisers, engineers, and other professionals.  We concentrate our practice particularly on representing plaintiffs in legal malpractice claims against lawyers. Although focused on trial practice, we also represent our clients throughout the appeal process when the need arises.  The firm also handles commercial litigation, personal injury claims, and wrongful death claims.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is legal malpractice?

A:     Legal malpractice is when an attorney fails to meet the minimum standard of care required of attorneys in a similar situation when handling a matter for a client.  In other words, it is when the attorney does not do something the attorney should have done or does something incorrectly.  

Filing a lawsuit against an attorney for malpractice is different than filing a grievance or complaint against the attorney with the South Carolina Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC).  A lawsuit requires proof that the attorney committed negligence and entitles the successful plaintiff to damages.  A grievance with the ODC is processed through the South Carolina Supreme Court’s lawyer grievance system and, if valid, may subject the attorney to disciplinary action.  Any loss a person suffers as a result of an attorney’s actions is not generally recoverable through the lawyer grievance system.

 Q:    What is a breach of fiduciary duty?

A:    Attorneys are required to act in the best interests of their client.  When attorneys put their own interests or those of a third party before that of the client, they may be breaching fiduciary duties owed to the client.

 Q:    What is a breach of contract?

A:    A retainer agreement generally describes a contract that defines the relationship between the lawyer and client.  The agreement, like all contracts, lists the role, expectations, and obligations of each party.  A breach of contract occurs when a party to the agreement fails to uphold the agreement.

Q:    What are my options if I feel my attorney has committed legal malpractice, breached a fiduciary duty, breach the contract, or done something else wrong?

A:    Once your potential legal malpractice and related claims are evaluated, there are several actions that can be taken.  If your money damages are deemed substantial by an attorney, then proceeding with legal action may be a viable option.

If you believe you have suffered financial injury or harm as a result of your attorney's wrongdoing, contact Pendarvis Law Offices to arrange a time when we can discuss your case.

    Q:    How do I determine if I have a legal malpractice case worth pursuing?

A:    If you believe you have suffered financial injuries or damages as a result of your attorney's wrongdoing, contact Pendarvis Law Offices to arrange a time when we can discuss your case.
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