Attorneys are trusted to protect their client’s best interests. Unfortunately, this trust can be misplaced. Just because your attorney didn’t get you a good result doesn’t always mean the attorney committed malpractice. However, you may have a legal malpractice claim if your attorney was negligent, breached their contract with you, or breaching their duty of trust. If you think that you’ve been harmed legally or financially by an attorney’s negligence or other wrongdoing, we can help by undoing the work of those who can’t be trusted.


At Pendarvis Law Offices, we represent our peers regarding professional responsibilities and ethics violations. We consult with lawyers regarding ethics questions that come up in their cases, their plans to leave a law firm (or how the firm should handle a lawyer’s departure), new marketing strategies and business ventures, and otherwise avoiding trouble. Also, because of our familiarity with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, we’re prepared and equipped to assist clients through any or all phases of defense in the area of attorney ethics violations.


The term “Complex Litigation” typically refers to suits involving multiple parties, multiple claims, multiple lawyers, multiple geographic locations, unusual or novel facts, or novel legal issues. Handling Legal Malpractice and Ethics Matters require us to have a wide knowledge base and diverse legal resources, making us uniquely outfitted to represent clients in complex litigation scenarios. Whether your case involves a significant personal injury, business dispute, corporate dissolution, or partnership dispute; a novel issue involving the family courts of South Carolina, or you find yourself in a dispute with your property owner’s association, we are ready to apply our unique knowledge base and resources to professionally and competently represent you.


If you think you have a legal malpractice claim, if you’re an attorney who needs help with ethical issues, or you need help with complex litigation matters, then contact our office today for a consultation.

Holding Lawyers to the Legal Profession’s Standards

We know how an attorney’s errors can impact your life. That’s why we hold our fellow lawyers accountable.

At our law firm, we strongly believe in and admire our legal system. We’re honored to be attorneys and to work with many capable colleagues involved in our system of justice here in South Carolina. Nevertheless, even the most capable attorneys make mistakes, or problems arise during the course of representing the client that they fail to resolve correctly. When that happens, we work diligently for our clients.